Saturday, October 31, 2015

"I'm Batman!"

This was the first Halloween where I let Evan decide 100% for himself what he wanted to dress up as, and he chose Batman. Not a surprising choice for a 3 1/2-year old boy, right?

Growing up, my mom always made my Halloween costumes. I always liked that I had something unique, and hope to always find a way to make Evan's costumes a little extra special. (However, the first year I went ahead and just got a store-bought outfit because I simply didn't have the time!)

His previous costumes have been:

Kermit (Fun fact: Karl can imitate Kermit's voice! When I saw this one, I knew we had to get it!)

Clark Kent (Can you believe he actually loved wearing the glasses & kept them on all night?!)

Pirate (Jake and the Neverland Pirates was his favorite show at the time, but I wanted to make it more unique & generic since you never know if these characters will be at all recognizable in 10+ years. He looooved that mustache, by the way!)


When he decided to be Batman, I showed him several images online to see which design and coloring he liked best, since there have been so many versions over the years! Initially, he liked this vintage Batman look with mostly gray and blue.

I purchased the items needed to construct his bodysuit but, as Halloween got a little closer, he started talking about wanting to be "black Batman" -- meaning a black costume (his favorite color). I didn't want to return the items I'd already purchased, so we compromised and simply made the blue parts black... because none of that had been made or purchased yet!

Like me, Karl has an Etsy shop, where he primarily sells items he's crafted from leather. He created some spiked wristbands and a belt - complete with batarang.

I tapped into my felt "expertise" and created the mask and logo for his chest. I referenced this mask for the shape, simply cutting and gluing together two pieces of black felt for the appropriate thickness. I used my Crop-a-Dile to punch holes at the temples, which were then threaded black yarn for tying onto his head.

The leather pieces and mask should be durable enough to last through many wears when playing at home after Halloween.

My mom, being far more skilled at sewing than I am, helped out with the bodysuit and cape. I'd found this tutorial for the bodysuit via Pinterest. Fortunately, my kid is around the 13th percentile for his age, so he had no problem fitting into a size 18-24 onesie. (Without the concept of the costume, it seems really weird to see my "big boy" in baby clothing... that feels like a lifetime ago!)

She also helped me construct his cape. I cut the fabric into a traditional cape shape, then used a large jar lid to make the symmetrical "batwing" pattern around the bottom edge. I only used Fray Check for the edges in order to speed up the process. We sewed on wide felt ribbon to tie it at the neck.

Final result...

Batman to the rescue! Gotham City can sleep soundly tonight!

Preparing to throw his batarang...
you can see the snap on his belt where it attaches. Daddy is so clever!
I really don't see how we can top this next year. Wish us luck! :)

Now I'm off to sneak some of his candy........


  1. He was sure cute in it and you both are so clever to make it unique.

  2. Both of you guys are SO creative and talented!