Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Thanks for stopping by to check out my new blog Heartfully, Amy. I've done a little blogging in the past, but let it die out a while back because... well, life. (You know what I'm talking about, right?!) Anyway, I've been feeling the itch again & decided to give it another go.

To start things off, I thought I'd just share about me and let you know what you can expect from my blog.

Hi there! I'm Amy.

I am a wife, mother, paralegal, crafter and amateur graphic designer. (At least, these are the hats I wear on a regular basis.)

I'm 31 years old and have resided in southwest Washington my entire life.

I've worked as a full-time paralegal for the past 12 years. It's a challenging job that keeps me busy, thus I always look forward to going home in the evenings to play with my son, create something, and/or just relax!

My husband, Karl, and I met through friends... "mother" types who played matchmakers. Our initial introduction and conversations were by email. Even before meeting face-to-face, I could tell that he was Mr. Right. :) We wed in May 2006.

Karl has taught elementary school for the past several years and just started at a middle school this year. He is SUPER into sports. I am not. Like, at all. However, he is also very artistic -- something I can totally relate to. Painting, photography, leather work... he's great at all of these. He is crazy talented at basically everything he tries. Most importantly, he's a superstar dad.

We had Evan in April 2012. I know I'm biased, but he is the coolest kid... funny, smart, a great helper and has the sweetest heart. He loves anything with wheels, knows so much about animals (thanks, Wild Kratts!), likes to play superheroes and "bad guys," and grows far to quickly both physically & intellectually for this mama's heart to handle. (Why must they do that?!)

I spent much of the past decade or so (pre-motherhood) heavily involved with community theater. Becoming a mom made it harder to keep up with that schedule, plus I really just wanted to be around my kiddo as much as possible (#workingmomguilt). I scaled back on that "responsibility" a few years ago, and have instead focused on contributing to the theater through graphic design services - creating posters and related publicity material. I love being able to design things and have that creative outlet.

I have always considered myself a very creative person & crave all the happy feelings that come from making something with my own two hands. Earlier this year, I started Heartfully Made -- a business where I sell wall hangings, banners, and garlands through an Etsy shop.

It's been exciting to see and hear about other people's interest in my products and getting to see my creations on Brit+Co., Apartment Therapy, and a couple blogs. I've been crafting up a storm these past ten months & it has been tons of fun. I have so many ideas for new items and can't wait to find the time to start making them!

Aside from all these aspects of my life, I enjoy spending time (re)decorating my home; "window" shopping & imagining I can someday do or have everything I like on Pinterest; watching TV and movies while snuggling my cat, Muffy; hanging out with family; and celebrating holidays, birthdays, babies, or just Friday!

So bottom line... what will Heartfully, Amy be? Simply a place for me to share about all of the aforementioned -- the things I do, and put my full heart into + the things I love, which make my heart full.

I hope you'll visit again soon!


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