Monday, December 14, 2015

color crush: mustard

Yellow has always been my least favorite color... but mustard - its richer, deeper shade - somehow won me over! And there's no denying that it is pretty darn cheery, which is especially nice during our cold & gloomy winter days.

It's a bold color, and not one I can personally wear much of due to my skin's yellow undertone. That said, accessories are a great way to incorporate it into your wardrobe regardless of your coloring. I think this is also a "safe" way for those who usually gravitate toward neutrals -- and may be wary of a stronger color -- to try it out.

I've included a bit of this color in both my living room and dining room decor, and my laundry room walls are painted mustard. (The room was actually that color when we moved in & I liked it well enough, so I left it. However, after eight years, I'm getting ready for a change in there!)

It really only takes a handful of items in a new color to make it "belong" in a particular room, and I think it can easily be coordinated with many other colors to work with your existing pieces. My living room combines it with mint and coral, and my dining room with purple and gray.

Below I'm sharing some fun mustard items for your wardrobe, home, or littles...

Row 1:  Scarf  //  Tea Towel  //  Basket  //  Triangle Print
Row 2:  Haba Sunni Clutching Toy  //  'Oh Hi' Stationary  // Wild Honey Nectar Candle  //  Velvet Belt
Row 3:  Sunglasses  //  Napkins  //  Socks  //  Felt Ball Flowers
Row 4:  Votive - Mint Julep  // Votive - Old Fashioned  //  Earrings  // Personalized Lion Print
Row 5:  Pillow  //  Cashmere Gloves  //  Wreath  //  Flats

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  1. One of my favorite colors too. Nicely done blog!