Thursday, January 14, 2016

Valentine's Day gift guides for the family (but mostly for you!)

With Valentine's Day a month away, I thought I'd put together some gift guides with some ideas for your favorite fellow and little loves. I tried to throw in some items that may be a little more unique than the "standards" or that have a twist on the traditional. 

And while I was at it, I made some collections of items that may appeal to you as well. Send your significant other a link to the one that most makes your heart skip a beat & hope that he'll take the "hint." ;)

sweater  //  wooden sunglasses  //  watch  //  matching pizza shirts for Dad & child  //  cement typography diamond paperweight  //  cedarwood shower gel  //  minimalist wallet*  //  monogrammed catchall*  //  backpack  //  'his' water bottle
*items from my husband's Etsy shop
I'm crazy about those matching shirts. They'd be adorable to wear out on a family pizza dinner date. :) The backpack would be a great item for the guy who likes to get outdoors, hit the gym or - like my husband - is a teacher & needs to carry all kinds of stuff to school each day! It also would make for creative gift packaging if you add a couple other items inside.

I can attest that the transportation puzzle above would be a great choice for your little one. Evan's had it for a while now & still loves playing with it even though his skills have surpassed it -- simply because it makes the noises of each vehicle when they are put into place. If you're like me, it's tough to resist buying your kiddo(s) gifts all year long. Making Evan happy makes me happy... so it's nice to have this holiday to justify the typically unnecessary spending. (Ha!) I don't go crazy spoiling him for Valentine's Day but like to get a few things together (similar to what I do for his Easter basket). I've picked up a couple small items for him already this year but still deciding what else to add...

beautiful / amongst the waves lotion  //  striped zipper bag  //  knot ring  //  black diamond earrings  //  crystal & enamel bangles  //  polka dot tin  //  reversible purse  // prisma frame
I love the idea of the knot ring as kind of a nod to the idea that the knot is still tied. The reversible purse in black & cognac is guaranteed to color-coordinate with any outfit, depending on which way you wear it. It's also simple enough in design to work with both casual or dressy attire. As a mom, I'm also a fan of the fact it's plenty big enough for all the extras you need to carry along!

peony lipstick  //  bubble bath  //  fluorescent pink square stud earrings  //  rose gold glitter square stud earrings  //  'I love you more' cuff bracelet  //  'What I Love About You' fill in the blanks book  //  'petits secrets' tray  //  'love you to the moon and back' notepads
Forgo the traditional flowers and opt for a floral-named lipstick or floral-scented bubble bath, both of which will last much longer than a bouquet anyway! And I'm not sure you can hear enough how much you are loved. The bracelet, book and notepads serve as great reminders. That tray would be cute packaged up with a piece of jewelry and be a fun place to leave little love notes throughout the year.

geo color post earring set  //  multi-color topaz teardrop earrings  //  travel case  //  Rifle Paper Co. iPhone case  //  journal  //  robe  //  colored pencil set  //  adult coloring book
As a creative type myself, I'm completely cool with eschewing Valentine norms. When you're parents, it can be hard to schedule dates. Plan an after-kids-go-to-bed date where you color together while enjoying each other's company and sharing a sweet treat. Creating art would be a fun and low-key way to get some quality one-on-one time!

Essie 'Penny Talk' nailpolish  //  nude shimmer eyeshadow trio  //  'let your light shine' cuff bracelet  // diamond earrings  //  metallic water drop scarf  //  gold heart print  //  Fossil bifold wallet  //  perforated leather flats  //  'love + roses' beauty mist
Attention guys: Slip a gift card to [insert her favorite store here] inside that gorgeous champagne wallet and send her out of the house on a solo shopping trip while you stay home with the kid(s). Tell her not to come back until she's spent it all. Sometimes, nothing says "I love you" like some much-needed alone time and retail therapy. :)

pullover  //  happiness planner  //  massage accupoint roller  //  fitness tracker watch  //  fitness belt  //  New Balance sneakers  //  glass & silicone water bottle  //  dark peony v-neck tee
Maybe you've always been fanatic about fitness or simply made it your New Year's resolution. This collection has items to help you both physically and mentally... especially since they say exercise releases endorphins, which make you less stressed and happier. (Not that I would know but I am trying to get into it!)

Marc Jacobs 'honey' shower gel  //  honey do shampoo  //  Laura Mercier almond coconut milk honey bath  //  royal honey mist  //  Philosophy mask  //  Toms slippers  //  Burt's Bees apricot lip shimmer  // Lollia 'at last' shea butter handcreme
I rarely take make the time to pamper myself but having a handful of "special" beauty products would certainly get me to slow down for some relaxing baths once in a while, and remember to love myself as much as I know my family loves me.

Wishing you much love this new year & especially this coming Valentine's Day!

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