Sunday, May 8, 2016

always his mama

A few days ago, I was driving Evan home from daycare. On the way, we first passed the high school, then the elementary school he will someday attend. I pointed each out to him and was explaining how old he will be when he starts attending these. 

He was quiet for a moment after the elementary school went by -- where he'll be starting kindergarten in 2017 -- then I heard him pipe up from the back seat, ever so sweetly:

"Will you still be my mom?" 

Apparently, he was under the impression that because he would grow older and eventually no longer attend the same daycare/preschool, this somehow meant he also would no longer have me as his mother. Bless his confused little heart! 

He may challenge me regularly with attitude, disobedience, etc. (and no doubt will continue to do so for years to come) but I find comfort and delight in these heaven-sent reminders that, at the core, is a boy who truly loves his mommy through it all. 

The huge grin that stretched across his face when I promised that he is forever my son and I am always his mama was truly the best thing ever. 

Wishing a happy Mother's Day to all you incredible, hard-working, beautiful moms out there - with children young or grown, and especially those with angel babies... Know that you each are so very special and worthy of celebration every day!

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